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"Julie and I have a little marital problem. To be blunt, I have not been able to give her enough sex and today we decided what we must do about it. Julie finds you very attractive and wants to have sex with you. I have given her permission to do so."

I have never seen Julie blush so much in my entire life. She looked at her plate and muttered something about getting more wine as she virtually ran out into the kitchen.

"Err I don't think that Julie does want to," said Matthew after she had gone. It did look like that and I felt really, really stupid.

"I'll have a word with her" I said and left for the kitchen. "Have you changed your mind?"

"I am not sure this is a good idea," she replied. She was still red with embarrassment. But I could also see that the front of her dress showed the slight shape of an erect nipple through the blouse she wore under her business suit; the idea was still a good one.

"I am not sure that he is too keen either, but he might be in shock!" I said.

We agreed to abort the plan, or rather Julie insisted on it. So we went back into the dining room and before I could say anything further, Matthew said, "I'll do it if you like. Julie is very beautiful and I would be honoured."

I think that Matthew's impulse was to pump faster, but he carefully kept himself in check as he glided back and forth very slowly. I wish I had timed how long they were like that. It was many times longer than I could have held out in his position. Eventually Julie was nearing her orgasm. She grabbed Matthew with her right arm around his neck and her left arm around his chest and pulled herself up to his body, hugging it closely and wrapped her legs around his middle. Then she turned her head sideways and looked deep into my eyes across the room as her body shook and heavy breathing and moans of unimaginable pleasure took nearly all control away from her.

That was an image that beat even the previously mentioned one for such erotic, sensuous beauty. Though I had not touched myself at all, I deposited several spurts of semen into my pants but that didn't do much to relieve the sexual tension I felt. As Julie's orgasm passed she relaxed, reached up and kissed Matthew under the chin (she couldn't reach his lips) and dropped her body back to the settee. The kiss seemed to trigger Matthew's orgasm; he lost control pumping quite fast and hard and Julie, I learned later, enjoyed the feeling of being filled with this young man's seed.

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